Connect & use Quidli in your Discord server

The Quidli Discord app enables you to share tokens as incentives & rewards of your top contributing server members. Sending tokens in Discord can help you boost member engagement by establishing a culture where value creation is rewarded with value shared 💪

If you don't already have a Quidli account, you can use Discord OAuth credentials to create your account. Then sign-in to the web app and hit the Add to Discord button on the sidebar.

Note: You must be a server admin in order to successfully install Quidli to your server.

Server admin controls

Different from Slack, Discord enables server admins to take greater control over the apps they install in their servers. Once Quidli is installed, admins can adjust permissions such as which members and or roles can access specific functions (ex. /send).

Admins can access and edit specific Quidli permissions by heading to Server Settings > Apps > Integrations > Bots and Apps > Quidli > Manage.

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