💐Recognize contributors with NFTs

Create & share NFTs to celebrate the top active members in your organization

Create NFTs (built on POAP) directly in Discord, Slack and the web app to acknowledge and recognize community members who actively contribute to and participate in your projects' growth - product launches, town halls, AMAs, etc.

NFTs can be used by you/your organizations as badges to identify top community members via which events they participated in; as IDs to understand user contribution histories (like internal CVs); as passes for accessing future exclusive events; and more.

You can currently create NFTs on Quidli in one of two ways:

  1. Click on the Badges section in the web app sidebar

  2. Use the /badge create command in Discord

Note that images must be formatted as PNGs or GIFs and must be no larger than 1 MB in file size.

Additionally, it's highly advised that image used for NFTs be original (not copyrighted, not a stock image, no sensitive content, etc.) per POAP's guidelines as advised by its Curation Body.

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