Frame Drop enables permissionless token drops to channel followers or users who engage with a cast so you can incentivize the type of engagement you want to see more of

Frame Drop is built as a Farcaster frame you can use within Warpcast. Drop tokens to multiple accounts that follow a channel or engage with a cast with added filters based on power badges and tokens & NFTs held, all in a single tx.

You can access the latest version of the frame on web or mobile by either including the following URL in a cast, https://frames.quid.li, or via the cast pinned at the top of /quidli on Warpcast.

In order to use this frame, you will need:

  • a Farcaster account on Warpcast

  • an Ethereum wallet, with ETH to execute txs

  • Any of the following tokens on Base (if you want a new token listed, DC @ahn.eth on Warpcast)

    • DEGEN

    • USDC

    • ETH

    • YOYO

    • BERRY

    • GRND

    • TREE

    • ROR

Note that this frame is currently not connected to your Quidli account and so the entire workflow and transaction is processed through your own Ethereum wallet.

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