Create & distribute NFTs using Quidli in just a few clicks

NFTs unlock another way for you to incentivize or share recogntion of group members - as status badges or superlative awards that are unique to them, their achievements, contributions, etc.

Via the web app or directly in Discord and Slack, you can design, distribute and mint NFTs for use cases such as:

  1. Acknowledging participation in community AMAs, town halls, etc.

  2. Commemorating major product milestones

  3. Celebrating community members' special occasions

  4. Recognizing contributions of specific community teams and or roles

Note that our NFT flow is built on POAP and so minted NFTs will be on Gnosis Chain by default. However, minters will then have the option to migrate these NFTs to Ethereum if they prefer.

Don’t have a Quidli account yet? Create one here using your Ethereum wallet, Discord, Slack, or GitHub credentials.

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