🎯Create reward flows

Offer open token rewards for completion of specific tasks to group members

Set up reward flows in the web app or directly in Slack and Discord to offer your organization members to perform in exchange for token rewards.

  • Define a task/mission you want group members to complete

  • Fix token & amount to be rewarded upon completion (ex: 1 USDC)

  • Put a cap on total # of rewards available (ex: 100 USDC, meaning 100 rewards total)

  • Set an expiration date on your reward flows (unclaimed rewards are returned to your balance)

  • Publish rewards for all group members to access & participate in

Create a marketing reward flow to grow your presence on social media (ex. on X/Twitter)

Improve engagement on social media (ex Twitter likes)

Create reward flows natively in Slack & Discord

Create custom reward flows with clear instructions and get authentic proof of participation

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